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Kino Ren was born in Florida, grew up in Illinois, and spends most of his time procrastinating from doing work. He enjoys playing chess, watching anime, reading webnovels, drinking beer, traveling, and doing nothing of significant importance as he wanders aimlessly through life though he does always tell himself otherwise. He has a degree in Mathematics at the University of Illinois that he has used exactly 0 times and a minor in English which he has used exactly one time. He is currently located in Tokyo, Japan and works as a English teacher. Oh… and I suppose he enjoys this so called writing thing too.

The Vagabond Girl of Nothingtown

Her large opal eyes that glowed brighter than any star in the vast night sky were staring directly at me, as if they were piercing into my soul, as if they were controlling me. Read the story about the extraordinary Vagabond girl, who on one fateful summer day, entered my otherwise mundane ordinary life.

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Stuck on an Island with My Boss's Daughter

How did I even get here stuck on a deserted island with Melanie Suwi? Melanie Suwi, the daughter of the owner of the luxury cruise line I had just been bartending for? Melanie Suwi, the girl who protects and holds her backpack so tightly you’d think it was the most precious thing in the world? Melanie Suwi, survival extraordinaire according to her own words? The true answer to that question is what keeps me up at night.

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Other novels written by the author include: The Kingdom of Life and Lies (Fantasy) & The Allegory of Stars (Sci-fi). You can read these books including short versions of the ones listed above on my webnovel page. Click here now to access it.

Book Reviews
A young man brings a hungry homeless girl back to his apartment when he runs into the girl looking for food at a dumpster….. an extraordinary story, once you begin to read you can’t put down…..
On "The Vagabond Girl of Nothingtown"
Good reading for fans of fluffy romance novels. Suspenseful, with a nice pace, and quite realistic. Expecting him to write even more novels.
I actually enjoyed this story though it was short and I’m looking forward to what else the author will make in the future
Apollo Creed, This one's legit, I think
On "The Vagabond Girl of Nothingtown"

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